About the site

This site, why? for whom?

In the current climate this site is designed to shed light on the legal and insurance tools that can be implemented to reduce the vulnerability of assets and human activities at the consequences of climate change, and on the implementation of means of protection, prevention, and/or adaptation to reduce the human and economic consequences of these risks. Observation of existing tools and their limitations lead to look for and propose new innovative legal mechanisms.

This site focuses both roles and issues relating to public authorities in the context of climate change, to evade questions it may raise. Indeed, if climate change interests the State and its communities in respect of public safety and the various responsibilities, she also strongly interested insurers because of its impact on their financial issues.

Thus this site caters to local authorities and insurers but also to all those who are interested in natural hazards and wish to inquire about the legal news related to climate change.

The site "The right climate change-resistant", stands out mainly under three headings.

-Legal solutions: you can submit legal questions relating to natural hazards. I will try to respond the best.

-Articles: regular editors of articles within the theme of the site.

-News in brief: jurisprudence, cases, articles, reports, legal or not, marking the climate news.

Good navigation and do not hesitate to send me your thoughts, in the "contact" section or at the end of articles.