The national monitoring Committee of the national strategy of integrated management of the coastline has just published a report presenting 40 measures for the adaptation of coastal territories to climate change and the integrated management of the coastline.
This national Committee was installed on 22 January 2015 by ecology Minister and Secretary of State in charge of the sea and is chaired by two deputies. Its establishment is justified by the evolution of the coastline that fits in the context of climate change and sea level rise. It represents a real issue of general interest "given the importance of the coastline of the demographic, economic, social, environmental and cultural point of view".
This report follows the roadmap of January 22, 2015. She had developed 4 priority actions for 2015:
-"the development of the first national mapping of the evolution of the coastline,
-the establishment of a national network of observatories of the coastline,
-the realization of a national atlas of reference for knowledge of the dynamics of the French coast,
"- the development of national recommendations revisiting the teachings of the experimental project (five ongoing formalities) call to initiate the relocation of activities and goods and the spatial recomposition of the territories threatened by coastal risks."
This new report should enable the concrete implementation of the national strategy of integrated management of the coastline.
The General guidelines of the national Committee cut into two themes main them even cut into several priorities:
. "the measures related to the implementation of a national network of observatories of the coastline,
. measures related to the national mapping of coastal erosion,
. measures related to the updating of the national work doing the synthesis of knowledge of the dynamics of the sides,
. measures to deepen certain subjects to better understand to better act."
. "the measures linked to the objective of planning, integrating the management of the coastline,
. the measures related to the development of the necessary tools for the implementation of management by coastline, operations. measures to improve the mobilization of public funding,
. the measures related to communication and awareness of the subject and the approaches
. and finally the measures facilitating comprehensive approaches and regional experiments. "

Within these proposals 9 priority actions are established to "initiate and to truly accelerate the awareness and the development of strategies on the territories of 2015".
To mention only some of these measures, it would be:
-to integrate into the regional development plan, sustainable development and equality of the territories (SRADDET) an integrated management of the coastline, strategy
-to integrate and spatialize the risk in planning documents, including a component relating to local strategies of flood risk
-to appraise the legal tools for the management of the coastline, taking into account also relocation strategies and approaches of territorial recomposition,
-to implement at the regional level a structure for the financing of measures for the integrated management of the coastline.
Communes are already faced with the problem of the advance of the coastline on their territory. Therefore, as pointed out by the national Committee to monitor the coastline, it is now important to have concrete progress to provide operational responses to these territories. To do this, it should be "a clear State pilotage and the financial resources to support the implementation of the measures and projects". It should also have adequate local instances, which is presently lacking.