Xynthia: Appeal trial beginning November 16, 2016.


The Xynthia storm that struck the France on the night of February 27-February 28, 2010 was of extreme violence[1]. Charente-Maritime and Vendée are particularly affected by this event. In the aftermath of its human and economic balance is heavy. The French Federation of insurance companies estimated the human consequences to 53 dea[2]d and 79 injured, and more than 2.5 billion euros in direct damages[3].

Following this tragedy, legal actions are committed by victims and families of victims of the storm Xynthia, in order to seek possible responsibilities.

The criminal responsibility of the accused in the case of Xynthia was the subject a trial in court the Court of les Sables D'olonne in the fall of 2014. The verdict was made on 12 December 2014 in the first instance, condemning the Mayor of the municipality of Faute-sur-mer and his assistant respectively 4 years and 2 years in prison closes. This judgement is exemplary in this area. Indeed, if local elected representatives have already been recognized on several occasions off[4]icials criminally, it is the first time that local elected officials are sentenced to imprisonment for manslaughter as part of their duties.

The tribunal also recognizes that these individuals have committed a detachable personal foul of the service. Indeed, they have all three "committed misconduct inexcusable and unacceptable, cannot be tolerated any agent, also poor as it may be"[5]. Therefore, the Criminal Court is competent to adjudicate civil interests[6]. Thus, the civil action on the basis of article 2 of the code of criminal procedure, un[7]der the terms of article 1382 of the civil cod[8]e is admissible. Victims must therefore justify have suffered direct and certain damage with the misconduct. It is worth noting that victims will be compensated on the moral suffering endured on the harm of anguish of death, on the moral prejudice in connection with the person endangering.

The Court of appeal of Poitiers should now focus on the judgment of first instance 3 defendants.



[1] With ranging West to 160 km/h winds, combined with a high tide coefficient (102) causing an exceptional surge.

[2] 53 dead in Europe, 47 in France.

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